Ways Leaking Pipes Can Damage Your Home

By April 20, 2021 Blog

Imagine you happen to wake up one morning and your house is flooded with water. It is not only stressful and disheartening, but it also causes structural damage and loss of property. Proper maintenance and repair of the piping in your home lower the risk of losing your property to leaky pipes. If you cannot see all your pipes, you can look out for situations that can result in leaks. Here are insights on how to prevent, detect, and deal with leaky pipes.

Signs Of Water Leaks In Your Home

If you can tell that you leak even before you spot it, then you can save the home from too much damage, waste, and ridiculous water bills. Here are tell-tale signs of leaking pipes.

Low water pressure

If you experience a drop in water pressure then you know you are losing the water somewhere from leaking pipes. If you have enough water in the reservoir, but the faucets are tricking just a little water, check the pipes system.

Damages ceiling, or walls

Moisture from leaky pipes can cause damages to your walls, floor, and ceiling. You notice streaks of dark stains caused by a burst pipe or hidden pipe leaks or behind the wall, wood, or ceiling.

Presence of mold or mildew growth

Extra dampness caused by leaky pipes creates a conducive environment for mold and mildew growth. Mold is bad for your health and leads to damage. If you keep cleaning mold and mildew and they grow back, check your leaking pipes.

Water bill increase

When you turn off the faucets, the water meter should stop running. However, if you have a water pipe leak, the water will drip and the meter will keep running throughout resulting in a significant-high water bill.

Bad or musty odors

You enter a room and experience weird smells and musty air. There is a possibility that what you smell is stagnant water from leaking pipes that you cannot see. Eventually, the pipe leak starts to seep behind walls, wood, floors, and ceilings causing mold growth.

Cracks in the foundation

Your house settles on the foundation naturally over time. It is normal to see little harmless lines or cracks as long as they don’t grow bigger. However, a serious water leak can create cracks that widen over a short period. If you notice wide cracks or shifts in your foundation, look for the leaking pipe and go for expert repair service.

What Causes Water Leaks In A Plumbing System?

Poor piping system

If you do not use a professional to do your plumbing, you might get a bad job resulting in leaking pipes. Poor piping systems and plumbing are the number one cause of home flooding.

Broken plumbing seals

Good plumbing should use good quality seals to keep moisture away from where it shouldn’t be. If the leaking breaks the seals, then water will move freely in these areas.

Old pipes

Over time, your home plumbing goes through the natural process of wear and tear. Old lead pipes drip, crack, loosen up, corrode and result in leaks.


In the past, most plumbers used metal water pipes. Over time the plumbing becomes rusty and corrodes, causing water leaks. Modern plumbing is replacing old lead pipes with new PVC ones.


Debris and dirt can collect in your piping system. The buildup of pressure from clogged pipes can create leaks as well.

Rapid temperature changes

Extreme weather conditions, especially winter causes the pipe to expand and crack. Sometimes they bust open causing significant leaks.

Damaged joints

You cannot have closed-circuit plumbing without joints. Unfortunately, joints are the weak links in your plumbing. This is where most of the serious leaks are found.

High water pressure

If for some reason the water pressure is too high, it can cause the piping system to burst if it is unable to handle it resulting in leaks.


Intruders in your home can also cause water leaks. Intruders can be anything from burglars, rodents, roots from tree trunks, and any other cause of invasion you notice on your pipes.

What To Do With A Serious Water Leak Or Flood

Floods can result in irreparable damages to your property. However, all is not lost. You can still reclaim most of your home in case of a flood. The first thing to do as a homeowner if a flood does occur is to fix the leak. Find out where the water is coming from soon and deal with it. You can turn off the main water supply if you have no idea where the leak is originating from. From there, access the damage as soon as possible. Water damage is very complicated. Sometimes it goes further than what you can see on the surface. Do a thorough check of your furniture, electric systems, appliances, walls, floors, ceilings, wood, basement, and anywhere that the water may have gone. If the water has not gone everywhere, use sandbags and other materials to barricade and protect the dry areas.

How To Clean Up Water Damage After Flood Or Water Leak?

Flooding and water leaks are tricky, costly, and dangerous. Sometimes you could deal with them yourself, while some incidents call for you to vacate and contact the professional to deal with it. If you are at risk of injury, the safe thing to do is to vacate soon and let professionals handle it. If it is a minor leak, fixing the leak is the first thing to do. However, leaks may seem small but they end up causing irreparable structural damage.

Can You Prevent Leaky Pipes?

Sometimes you can stop a costly disaster before it happens. You can prevent water leaks by getting routine maintenance, repairs, and checks on your plumbing. You can also access the risk if you know the trigger factors for leaks and flooding. Flat roof houses for example have a high potential for leaking walls and roofs if water pools at the top. People who live in tsunami-prone areas have a likelihood of experiencing floods. Call a plumber and a contractor to sign off on any home remodels that you have. Replace old pipes with new ones. Have a good plan for your plumbing system during extreme weather months. You could have a plumber from a water damage company line on speed dial in case you ever need them to respond right away to an emergency.

Residential Water And Flood Damage Restoration Services in Los Angeles, CA

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