Benefits Of Smoke Damage Repair After A Fire

By May 20, 2021 Blog

What is smoke damage?

Smoke damage refers to physical damage resulting from smoke generated by fire. However, burning is not smoke damage. When smoke leads to damage of property, etc., then that is smoke damage. Incidences of burns or damages caused by fire do not qualify though but called fire damage instead. While fire damage brings total damage to your home, smoke and the soot coat the objects in dark matter called soot and produces odor. Smoke and soot go hand in hand. There can be no soot without smoke. It is important to stay away from smoke. Smoke is dangerous for different reasons.

Smoke could make you sick. House fires lead to heavy smoke and soot. It also leads to fire damage. Where there is a lot of upholstery of wood furniture, carpets, curtains, clothes, and other household items that act as fuel, a lot of smoke is produced in the process as raging fire burns them down. Smoke particles are very small and can easily penetrate the lungs, skin, and eyes. When smoke particles enter your eyes and nose, they cause running nose and tears. However, a heavy concentration of smoke particles in the lungs cause breathing difficulty and can result in death. Smoke and soot have both rapid and gradual effects. A high concentration of smoke particles causes soot so fast and leads to immediate smoke damage. The smoke produced by a raging fire, however, has more severe damages. This explains why people trapped in a burning building could lose their lives, even with zero burns.

However, a very low concentration of smoke particles can cause smoke damage, but this happens over a long period of time.

Second, smoke causes discoloration. Ash and soot lead to the permanent discoloration on painted walls and ceilings. It is most dangerous on wood furniture and vinyl. Ash facilitates corrosion of metal and discoloration and interfering with its structural integrity. You need to engage a fire company to prevent permanent damage to your home that may result from delayed action.

Smoke also stinks by producing a pungent smell. The smell may be hazardous when inhaled and thus action should be taken to get rid of the smell.

How Do You Fix a Smoke Damaged House?

Cleaning smoke damage when you encounter it can be troublesome. However, if you follow a well-defined restoration process, it will be a bit easier. Regardless, smoke odor removal is a complicated endeavor. You need good knowledge of the different types of smoke and how each type of smoke behaves. This is key in knowing the right thing to do. The smoke passes through walls, ventilation, pipes, electrical sockets, small cracks, dry painted walls.

There is a need to get rid of and clean smoke damage to help restore damages. Detailed inspection of the smoke-damaged property is necessary. High-end infrared cameras and moisture meters may be used to determine the extent of the damage caused. Proper documentation of the damage is also necessary for insurance claim purposes.

Contents of the room or damaged area need to be moved to a different location. The contents should however be cleaned and deodorized using professional equipment to ensure restoration is completely done on the affected areas.

Smoke-damaged surfaces can be dealt with using well-laid-out professional procedures. Health and safety precautions must be the first concern. The first step is calling fire marshals to assess and determine whether it is safe to enter your home if the damage resulted from the fire. Ensure all doors and windows are open for air circulation. Avoid contact with toxic fumes, chemicals, and chemical compounds that are remnants of burnt objects. They can be harmful. Wear the right gear and clothing to prevent exposure to severe health risks. These may include gloves, boots, masks, etc. cover the floor with a drop cloth, plastic sheet, etc., to cushion it from soot stains from the ceilings.

Clean loose soot on the painted walls surfaces with a vacuum cleaner or a dry chemical sponge to get rid of the smoke. The chemical sponge is very effective with dry cleaning. Effective cleaning solutions that can be used for this exercise include Trisodium Phosphate (TSP). Use it to wipe off the soot from walls and ceilings.

You must however be careful to do the right mixing for an effecting cleaning solution.

When you clean smoke damage on household stuff like textiles and clothing, first remove those that are beyond repair. Then remove as much soot as possible before washing the clothes. Getting the clothing totally clean and restoring the original smell may take time though.

Different fabrics will require different soot and smoke removal procedures. You need to be aware of which methods to use. Finally, deodorize the clothes. There could still be a residual smell of smoke, but this can be removed through ironing, perfumes, or other means.  It may take a couple of washing before the smoke odor completely disappears.

To ensure safe damage restoration, get in touch with a certified restoration professional for remediation services. Turn off such utilities as water, electricity, gas, etc., for professionals before any restoration can begin.  Use a vacuum with a brush to try to clear up your upholstery furniture. It will give it a better look as you wait for a professional to come over.

Use the vacuum also to address your carpet, floors, and countertops as this prevents soot from grinding deeper into the roots of the material. Ensure your appliances such as fridge, freezer, cooker, are off. Remove pets from the damaged home as they are at risk of harming themselves walking around.

Do not use your AC, heater, or electronics. Wait until a professional arrives on the scene as turning them on can result in greater damage. Never eat leftover food as it may have been poisoned and contaminated. The contamination may lead to complications. Do not wipe the powder from extinguishers as you may cause more harm to yourself.

Benefits of Hiring a Smoke Damage Restoration Company to Get Rid of the Smoke and Soot, Among Others

It is best practice to hire a certified professional for expert handling of restoration for you. The situation may require specialized tools, equipment, and knowledge that you do not have. Doing this on your own will therefore expose you to danger and may affect those around you negatively. A professional will do it with expertise within minutes and save you from the danger of harming yourself.

Hiring a restoration company like Presto Emergency Repair has several benefits and therefore you should consider it. First, it will help prevent lasting damage. House fire, for example, can cause permanent damage to your whole property, even after flames subside. Second, the work will be done quickly and efficiently in a few hours or within minutes depending on the extent of the damage.

For all your damage solutions, call Presto Emergency Repair. We offer Water & Flood Restoration, Fire & Smoke Repair, Mold Remediation, Construction and Remodeling, and Commercial Restoration. We rank ahead of our peers in the industry.

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